To put it simply, Yojee breakthrough in technology allows us to ‘uberfy’ our delivery business and tap into the collaborative network’s resources to expand the convenience of our brand in Singapore.
Richard Mayne, Spotlight Store Manager, Singapore

We have been super satisfied with your services thus far, thanks again and looking forward to doing more business with you!
Ernest, Airmocks

While we were working with other courier agencies and facing dismal performance challenges we have encountered Yojee courier services. They are efficient and very professional with deliveries. I love their way of operating. Short one: Yojee is the best courier service I have come across in Singapore till date. I love their true professionalism.
Shashi, Wordsburg Translation

If your business demands a competent courier partner that can handle an organised system despite numerous transactions, then SendYojee is the perfect option for you!
Best In Singapore,

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At every step of the delivery, know where your parcel is.


Every SendYojee delivery is insured up to SGD $500.


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Deliver parcels all over Singapore with SendYojee, no matter your mode of transport. Choose your hours and work on the go with the Drive Yojee app! There’s no upfront payment or registration cost, simply sign up and we will review your application within two working days.